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Western Plants, Wildflowers, Butterflies, & Moths
Videos and Jigsaw Puzzles produced from photographs
Christopher Christie


Scientific Name Common Name Video Versions
Abronia Sandverbena RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Acanthomintha Thorn-mint RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Adenophyllum Dyssodia RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Adonis Pheasant's Eye RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Aesculus Buckeye RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Agastache Giant Hyssop RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Ageratina occidentalis Western Snakeroot RealPlayer   Google/Flash
Viola Violet RealPlayer   Google/Flash

many more to come


Jigsaw Puzzles

Scientific Name Common Name Puzzle Versions
Abies magnifica California Red Fir Easy   Medium   Hard
Adelpha bredowii California Sister Easy   Medium   Hard   Hardest