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This page last updated October 25, 2020

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 Range Watch
Multimedia Library 

Disclaimer: The locations of photographs in  this library have not been determined through survey. Due to the intermingled nature of land ownerships throughout much of the west, some photographs where the context or caption imply or otherwise indicate government ownership may actually be located on intermingled or adjoining private lands.

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Current Library

Archived Material: The following material is no longer available on this web site, but may be available by other means (see "notes"):
  • RangeNet 2000 Symposium Audio Proceedings, Reno NV, Nov. 28-29, 2000 
    • We Had An Election 
    • Rangeland Reform Revisited 
    • Retirement of Grazing Privileges on Public Lands
    • Why The Taylor Grazing Act Should Be Repealed 
    • Cows Versus Condos
    • Sage Grouse - Spotted Owls Of The Sagebrush Steppe
    • Grassroots Activity
    • Resolution - Campaign to End Public Lands Grazing 
    • Litigation Update
    • The Western Range Revisited 
    • Is There Hope? Will we see the end of public lands ranching in our lifetime? 
    • Open Microphone
  • Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area (Note: Available as OUR Western Public Lands, episode #2)
  • Livestock Liabilities (Note: Included in OUR Western Public Lands, episode #1)
  • California Grazing Reform Alliance, 1996, 3rd Annual Workshop (Note: Plans are to make the RealVideo files available on CD. A portion of the Amphibian presentation illustrating the dynamics of species extinction/survival may be remastered for broadband streaming.)
    • Successful Grazing Strategies With Multiple Use Constraints
    • Hydrological/Grazing Interactions in Sierra Meadow Systems
    • Amphibian/Livestock Interactions In The Sierra (Note: Condensed version available as OUR Western Public Lands, episode #4)