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This page last updated October 25, 2020

Range Watch

Citizen Watchdogs of Our Industry Grazed Public Lands

Disclaimer: betting sites in tanzania The locations of photographs on this web site have not been determined through survey. Due to the intermingled nature of land ownerships throughout much of the west, some photographs where the context or caption imply or otherwise indicate government ownership may actually be located on intermingled or adjoining private lands.

The report is in:
Cattle are the biggest source of global warming, producing more greenhouse gases than cars!
Get them off OUR public lands!


The mission of Range Watch is to reduce the economic and ecological cost to the American public from commercial grazing on our public lands. Range Watch has committed to pursuing the following goals, working closely with the talent and resources in the "range reform community" across the country. Range Watch will focus its resources betting sites and efforts on pro-active programs to educate elected officials, the media, the environmental community, public land users, and the general public about this complex issue. Range Watch, collaborating with others, will seek to bring more citizens into the effort and help provide them with training and materials to be effective. Range Watch has committed to helping develop more opportunities for information exchange between range reform advocates. The group will also continue to work with the stakeholders involved with the issue.